Employment Set to Spike Among Small Companies in Contrast to Large Firms in 2014

The latest CIPD/SuccessFactors Labour Market Outlook (LMO)¬†survey has led industry experts to predict that small to medium size businesses will see a greater rate of employment in 2014 than large firms. This means that demand for highly skilled umbrella companies could be set to spike. The Labour Market Outlook Survey is a quarterly report CIPD; […]

REC/KPMG Report Suggests Demand for Umbrella Companies on the Rise

The latest jobs report released by REC/KMPG suggests that January saw the continuation of the growth of demand of highly skilled umbrella company employees along with other freelancers. The report highlighted that despite the 15 year high seen in December of 2013 for both permanent and contracting/temporary staff billings measuring at a slightly slower rate […]